Friday, June 26, 2009

Disney World Pick Up Lines

So, my sister-in-law sent me an e-mail in which she mentioned how several years ago she was actually able to get into Cinderella's Royal Table at Disney World. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is a meal where the characters visit with guests while they eat. What makes it so popular is that it's the princesses and princes who aside from being popular with the kiddies, are "face characters" meaning they don't wear masks and can therefore talk to guests. It's also the restaurant inside the castle. There are complex strategies in guide books to score a table.
Anyway, my sister-in-law remarked that when she went Cinderella's Prince (Prince Charming?) commented to her that she was so pretty he mistook her for Snow White. Some Prince, trying to pick up women while his wife was in the room. Or was he having a fling with Snow behind Cindy's back? It reminded me of the fabulous Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods which interweaves several classic fairy tales. The first act ends with Happily Ever After, and the second act is what comes next, including Cinderella and Rapunzel's princes philandering off to pursue Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
Anyway, I started to think how if these princes were real, they'd likely be using these character meals to cash in on their fame and pick up attractive guests. Which led to my imagining....

The Top 10 Pick Up Lines Heard at Walt Disney World
1. "Is this your shoe? It looks like a perfect fit."
2. "Me Tarzan, you gorgeous!"
3. "You know, I'm part god."
4. "Are you a mermaid? Because you've been swimming through the ocean of my dreams all night."
5. (attempts kiss) "Oh, excuse me! I thought you were asleep because you're so beautiful."
6. "Wow! I just rubbed this lamp, made a wish, and!"
7. "...I'm twitterpated...."
8. "I'm actually much better looking than this--let me show you how to break the spell."
9. "Was your daddy a pirate? Because someone stole the second star to the right and put it in your eyes."
10. "I'm the eighth dwarf--Sexy."

Feel free to post your own in the comments (just please keep them relatively clean).